Richard Wigmans Technical Advice is an independent consultancy, which in a practical and structural way handles steel from user to producer. We advise and guide projects where user and provider have no knowledge and/or running out of time.

I have acquired knowledge whilst working in the precast concrete industry. I can offer customized solutions, not sticking to known products and suppliers, making the correct solutions with labour cost developments which are a high priority.
Our knowledge enables us to use other materials which have similar dynamic characteristics, this in conjunction with the co-development of logistics products which save time and reduce damage during loading.

The widely known special mats suppliers are: ZND Wire, Badische Drahtwerke GmbH (BDW) and Van Merksteijn, to name but a few. We have found the right plastics supplier and have guided them through the first tests of this product.

We are now searching for companies who have the experience to work with a revolutionary new product. Our extensive knowledge is a bonus to any company wanting to deal with us.
We have found a solution and already tested as figure below shows. 


Instead of steel we have opted for this plastic. We have the right supplier for plastic and have accompanied the first tests of this product. For other applications this is a very suitable product, think of thin concrete products (rust).
This product is looking for the right producer. Here we have a big lead by our experience.