Kyrogeen / Cryogenic Rebar hotrold (B500B).
Diameter from Ø 8 till Ø 25. Quality 1.4311 not magnetic 1.005µ.


This steel is prescribed in the building of LNG (liquid gas) terminal.
LNG (liquid gas) is stored at a temperature of minus C165 °. There is one special type of concrete that can with stend this temperature.
This type of concrete is called Kyrogeen / Cyrogenic.

OUTOKUMPU has these properties generate in 1.4311 hot rolled Stainless rebar.
We have done a lot of research and have an appropriate solution that also cost level for the client/owner now is interesting.
Sometimes companies choose for a non stainless variety in order to save construction costs. This makes the maintenance costs considerably higher, and the lifetime is shorter.
Quality 1.4311 is anti magnetic version of 1.4301 for rooms with sensitive electronic equipment e.g. hospitals, laboratories, radio stations, radar equipment, control centers in ports at airports etc. etc.

Below provided by OUTOKUMPU technical specifications.


The material is tested at Tudor Advanced Materials & Structures (Luxembourg).
We can send you the test report on request.

This material is not magnetic 1.005µ fully applicable in medical, measuring and control laboratories.
The material is perfectly weld able. Custom cut and bending also in 3D is possible.
To rust formation around the welding requires to be stained.

STAINLESS STEEL braid wire Ø 1.1 in coils 25 kg. Galvanized or black braid wire is not an option.

The zinc layer attaches itself very strongly to the concrete and let this often separate from the carbon steel.
This can cause rusting.

If you want more information regarding Kyrogeen / Cryogenic steel, please feel free to contact us.

The LDX 2101 Duplex 1.4362 quality and Lean/1.4162 are magnetic but with similar properties as 316 but at a lower price.
Lean Duplex LDX 2101/1.4162 has better corrosion resistant properties as 1.4311.
In fact in the Dutch and Belgian environment LDX 2101/1.4162 is the solution.
The 1.4311 (1.4301) quality is as a rule only applied in anti magnetic or Cryogenic/Kyrogeen  concrete structures/spaces. 


In the chart below are the mechanical and anti-corrosion values.

Mechanical and Corrosion Properties