Stainless steel rebar


Stainless steel rebar is increasingly applied; by this material in the right places to apply one can build economically justified.
Concrete rot on the places where stainless steel is applied belonged to the past.
Stainless reinforcement with metric thread on bridges, overpasses where later light poles, street signs or fencing with it can be secured is guaranteed.
In the prefab concrete can be reinforcing of the outer hull by means of stainless steel rebar reinforcement to the inner shell confirm.
Any moisture which by the insulation between both Peels may come has no influence on this material.
STAINLESS STEEL rebar is also increasingly used for add repair, by the bars in the joints and the crack in the wall to traverse one strengthens the wall.
This gives a greater pull distribution. The material is also suitable for renovation of balconies and gala queues at apartment buildings.
The material can be bent in the same forms as standard concrete steel.
For braiding of stainless steel rebar, one should also use stainless steel binding wire.
Galvanized or black wire is not an option! The stainless steel rebar is good weld able, only arise can on the welding rust this one can possibly pickling.
What quality stainless steel rebar apply one is very ambient dependent.


Below in the overview you can see what quality to apply.

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