We always have stainless steel rebar in stock in the quality 1.4162 (LDX2101).
This quality can be used anywhere where magnetism is not an issue. 
But where corrosion of the reinforced steel is prescribed. The mechanical properties are better than the standard B500B.
As the standard reinforcing steel is 6 mm stainless steel reinforcing steel cold rolled.
The diameter 8-10-12-16-20-25 mm hot rolled.
Standard length is 6 meters is available from stock.
The material that we custom cut and bending is on with stainless steel clad machines.
So that all operations that are to be done by us, without the material to infect with carbon steel.

What quality where applicable you can see on this page:


The mechanical properties, you can find on this page:


The stainless steel rebar with a 3.1 certificate is delivered.

Also for:

Stainless steel welded on custom made or in the standard gauge 5000x2150mm.
For the stainless steel construction steel mats are two qualities 1.4162 or 1.4362.
This to customer specifications.

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