The differences between cold-worked and hot-rolled stainless steel reinforcement are essentially the hardness and the tensibility of the material. Cold-worked stainless reinforcing steel is significantly harder than hot-rolled stainless reinforcing steel. This results in higher tensile strength (minimum 800 N/mm² compared to 550 N/mm²) as well as higher yield strength (minimum 700 N/mm² compared to 500 N/mm²). On the other side, hot-rolled stainless reinforcing steel is generally more elastic than cold-worked material and has a higher ductility (generally class B). However in recent years special steel grades have been developed which – cold-worked – reach both the greater hardness and high ductility (e.g. Inoxripp4486). These mechanical properties open up new possibilities for designer and production engineers, one example being the reduction of the steel-profile and therefore saving weight and eventually money.

Inoxripp4486® in diameter 6mm to 14mm is a cold-worked stainless steel. It is a special chemical composition of steel grade 1.4482 which ensures that it is always classified as corrosion resistance class 3. Compared to hot-rolled material and due to the cold-working-processing, Inoxripp4486® has higher tensile strength of at least 800 N/mm² as well as higher yield strength of at least 700 N/mm². At the same time it has a high elongation and is classified as ductility B. Due to these excellent mechanical properties Inoxripp4486® opens new possibilities for designer and production engineers.

Inoxripp4486® has an official technical approval of the German Federal Institute for Material Research and Testing with certificate-number Z-1.4-261 (diameter 6-14mm) and Z-1.4.273 (diameter 16-20mm). Each delivery comes with a related 3.1-certificate attached. Inoxripp4486® is also available as hot-rolled-material in diameter 16mm-20mm (with German technical approval) as well as 25mm-32mm (without technical approval).

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